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DX to Si Rear Sway Bar Swap


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Si Sway Bar Swap

Got a HF or a DX like me and finding ways to stiffen up your ride without paying alot of cash?? Swapping the Si rear sway bar onto your base model is one way to do it. Here are the parts you'll need to get started:
  • 88-91 CRX Si rear lower control arms
  • Lower control arm bushings(if worn out)
  • 88-91 CRX Si rear sway bar w/mounting brackets
  • 4 large tapping screws


Now, if you've got alot of junkyards nearby with alot of CRX Si's, then you are damn lucky. That is one way of getting a hold of these parts. The way I found my parts was on eBay, which is an excellent place to find that kind of stuff. You will absolutley need the Si rear lower control arms because they are much different than the HF or DX model arms. The Si arms have a mount point in the middle of the control arms that the sway bar bolts up to.

  1. The first thing you are going to want to do after you get a hold of those Si parts is refurbish them if they need it. It doesn't hurt to put a little work into your ride. If the bushings are bad replace them because you want your ride to be stiff and not saggy and worn out looking. Also what I did was I sand-blasted the control arms and repainted them with a bunch of coats of black rustoleum paint. The sway bar and bracketry were in good shape so I didnt bother messing with that stuff.
  2. Next Step is to jack up the car and support it with jackstands so you can take the old control arms out. This may be a problem if you've got DX arms because they accept a different mounting from the shocks. The HF and Si arms accept shocks that slide over the bushings instead of the DX which you insert the shocks INTO the control arm. So if you've got a DX order some Si rear shocks. The arms are easy to take off there are only 3 bolts on each control arm then the arm just drops to the floor.
  3. Now you want to install the Si control arms and they just go back in the way the old ones came out. Now make sure that you've got them on the right sides of the car. They do have to go in a certain way and they are marked LH or RH.
  4. Now comes the semi-difficult part. Start off by bolting the sway bar ends to the control arms. It's only one bolt so you should be able to handle it.
  5. Next step is to get out those big tapping screws that should be slightly larger than the holes on the frame of the car. You'll know what I mean when you see it. Just screw those screws into the right holes and you are all set to go. Now you have a rear sway bar and you're a little stiffer!!! haha