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B20/VTEC into CRX

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Here is the start of my B20/VTEC buildup!!! I'll add info and pictures as I get things done so stop back later on and check out the progress!!


As you can see I am in the first stages of the swap.


Here is a small parts list that I have started so far for this swap. It mostly pertains to a budget swap and thats what I'm doing. It's not that I don't want to not make my swap the most powerful, but I am on a limited budget. So here it goes:
Parts Needed for Swap:
  • Any B20B or B20Z Complete Block and Head or just block
  • If going VTEC, B16, GSR, or ITR VTEC head complete
  • 95-01 Integra GSR Water and Oil Pump
  • OBD0 ECU I used PR3(Use different ECU according to whichever OBD you have
  • B16 ARP VTEC Head Bolts(Must Replace With These)

You can use any of the heads listed above but use the intake manifold that matches the head. It will only make your life and your task easier. Don't even bother with the Prelude VTEC heads as I have heard they don't match up the B20 block period.