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CRX Tech Pages

My CRX Specs

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Here are all of the parts I've upgraded to.

NOTE: I'm always updating these pictures so make sure you stop back if you like my car!!




  • Wings West RS Series Polyurethane Bodykit
  • APR DTM Aluminum Spoiler
  • Carbon Fiber ZC Hood
  • Matrix Racing Blue ION G2 Projector Headlights(NEW)
  • Clear Corners
  • Altezza style clear tails
  • SLR Dual LED Side Mirrors
  • '00 Civic Si Aluminum Wheels(Painted Graphite)w/Bridgestone Rubber



  • NO More DVD/TV player Basic CD Player now 
  • '97 Integra GSR Gauge Cluster Swap 
  • Polk Audio replacement speakers
  • GTech Pro Competition Meter
  • MOMO Hub Adaptor
  • Tenzo R Turismo Steering Wheel
  • Chrome Type R Shift Knob
  • Neuspeed Short Shifter




  • KYB AGX 4-Way adjustable shocks
  • Arospeed Adjustable Coilovers
  • '90 Integra Trailing Arms W/ Rear disc brakes
  • Energy Suspension Trailing Arm Bushings
  • '89 CRX HF Lower Control Arms
  • Rear Lower Tie-bar(not pictured yet)


  • Cold Air Intake
  • MPFI Swap
  • Fluidyne Radiator
  • Neuspeed Front Upper Strut Bar
  • 2.25" Pipe From the Cat Back
  • BOMZ High Flow Cat
  • Performance Resonator
  • Arospeed Slant Cut Muffler

As you can see I've got a potent power-maker(Can you sense the sarcasm?). You might be able to tel from the rest of the site that I will be putting in the B20/VTEC motor soon...... when I get some money.... that's not going to be for a while.


Stopping Power:

Well since my base model CRX came with front disc brakes and rear drums, I decided I would find a way to upgrade the rear drums to disc brakes. And that I did, and it only took me like 6 months to find swap info on it. This site,, Is VERY, VERY informative for those of you with 88-91 model Civics and CRXs. This is where I got the information to do this swap and its very descriptive. I highly recommend you go there if you want good information. Anyhow, I basically have '90 Integra rear disc brakes on my CRX, and the swap would be even easier but since the Minnesota winters have taken its toll on my vehicle it made it a bit more difficult than it really is.

  • '90 Integra Rear Disc Brakes/Brembo Drilled Rotors
  • '90 Integra Rear Disc Calipers and Such
  • '88 CRX Front Brembo Drilled Disc Brakes
  • AEM Performance Pads All around
  • '91 CRX Si Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • '91 CRX Si E-Brake cables
  • '90 Integra Proportioning Valve
  • '90 Integra 15/16 Master Cylinder and Brake Booster

Front Brembos....

Rear Brembos...