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GSR Gauge Cluster Swap

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How To Swap in an Integra GSR Cluster...



Ok, I've finally got all the parts needed to complete this swap. The whole reason behind this swap was I was freakin' bored and wanted to do some more modifications. I already was not liking the CRX cluster anymore so I put a message up on my favorite forum site ( and got a quick response with a link on how to do it. So far no one that I know of has really posted this kind of swap on their websites so I will so other people can do it.

Parts You'll Need:

  • 90-91 CRX Cluster Cover/Hood
  • 94-99 Integra Cluster or Other Choice with Harness plugs and wires attached
  • Electronic Vehicle Speed Sensor from 92+ Civic with plug and 6" inches wire attached


Wiring Supplies You'll Need:
  • Automatic Wire Stripper
  • Soldering Pen
  • Solder
  • Lots of 18AWG wire(Colors are good, But if you don't care black is best)
  • Heatshrink wire wrapping
  • Some small wire loom
  • Other Basic Hand Tools

The reason you need a 90-91 CRX Cluster cover is because they are more round in shape thus making a cluster like the GSR or 99-00 Civic Si cluster fit more smoothly. If you are swapping on 88-91 Hatch I believe you need to use the 90-91 Hatch Si cluster cover as they fit slightly different.
You will need an electronic vehicle speed sensor from a 92+ civic because clusters like the GSR/LS/Type-R, Civic Si's are all electronically driven meaning you have to get rid of your cable and cable driven speed sensor and there is one more sensor you have to worry about. This sensor you should be able to find at any junk yard or you can always buy from Honda brand new for a quoted price I believe it was "$158.16". I found one at a junkyard for $70. Not cheap but not expensive either. Make sure you get the plug with about 6 inches of wire with it too as it will make the install much easier.

Below: Speed sensor that came out of a 92-95 Civic

To start off, the original write up that I was using as a guide didn't really mention how the sensor was going to fit onto a D-Series motor all that well. Or for that matter a 88-91 Civic/CRX. Understandable though since he was installing it on a B16. Anyhow, if you have a Vehicle Speed Sensor from a 92-95 civic, you'll have to modify it a bit and the reason is that the transmission motor mount is in the way and doesn't provide enough room for it. First, the bottom half of it will need to modified and what you need to do is cut one the mount tabs off. The one you need to cut off is the side with only one mounting hole. This is one of the mounting holes for the top piece to mount to. Trust me you won't need it. Next, you need to modify the top half. Basically, you'll have to cut off one of the mounting tabs and on the top where the plastic is screwed into the metal. The screa that is by itself meaning there isn't one next to it will need to be cut off as well. When I did this, I moved the unit around a bit and it didn't wiglle or anything so it should be just fine.
All this could be avoided I think by using the whole unit from a 96-00 civic. It is a little less bulky and would probably fit without modification. I had to deal with what I had since I couldn't find any civics newer than 95. Here is a picture of the top unit modified.


After that aggrivating mess, it went in and it's all mounted up solid. I didn't wire the sensor up yet pretty much because I didn't feel like it. The next step is to move into the inside of the car and take out your old cluster and cluster hood. Phillips screwdriver is all you need to take it apart. Once the cluster hood and cluster are removed, you must remove the mounting tabs that hold the old cluster into place. 4 screws is all it takes and this is necessary if you want your new cluster to fit.


Now you can start the super fun task of all your wiring. Now, if you got your cluster with the plugs and wires with like 6 inches of wire you will be happy. You'll notice that your original CRX or Civic harness barely has any slack in the wires this is where all that extra wire on the new cluster comes in handy. Basically what I did was cut the wires from the back of the CRX plugs and soldered them onto the appropriate spot on the Integra plug. That way you'll much more room to plug them in when put the cluster in place.
TIP: While I was wiring the speed sensor in, I noticed in the diagrams from the other sites that two wires wouldn't be used after everything was wired to the cluster. A yellow/red wire and a black/green or something. Anyhow, when the instructions say to wire one of the signal wires to B16 on the ECU, DO NOT DO THIS!!!!! There is an easier way! Basically you're going to have 4 wires coming off the speed sensor on the tranny. Ground, Power, and 2 signal wires. Route them in through the same grommet in the firewall as the old cable and run them up to the back of the cluster. Ground the ground wire to any bolt up there(there should be one right there), Run the power to any black/yellow, run one signal to the orange wire on the cluster and lastly run the other signal wire to the yellow/red wire you have leftover. The yellow/red wire is the VSS wire from the old cluster. The cable spins up the speedo and the speedo sends the signal to the ECU via the yellow/red wire. That way you won't have to make your ECU wiring look as bad as it may already from doing MPFI swap for instance.
Here is a good guide to help you along with the wiring, it's the original write up which can help you out maybe a little more than I could but here is the link for more of the info:
Original Write Up:
CRX to DC Cluster Pinouts And Wiring of VSS:
Pinouts of the earlier 94+ tegs. (The 2001s are slightly different)
More help here:
Okay, whatever you do, do not waste your money trying to figure out the low fuel warning light idea. Luckily I only paid $20 for the unit. It doesn't work PERIOD. The whole top piece of the sending unit is too big and the locking collar as well. The CRX unit is much smaller and there is no way to transfer the parts over to the CRX unit. Bummer, I was hoping it would all work out but it didn't, oh well. Anyhow, there is pretty much one last step and that is to hook everything up.


Basically, here is what your wiring should look like. Yes, it is messy but all you really need is a little bit of electrical tape every 4 inches or so to make look good then you are all set for the wiring.
Next, you'll have to mount the cluster in the cluster hood and to do this you need a drill, drill bit, and some self-tapping screws. Basically line it up where you want it in the hood so everything is all centered up(this will be difficult with just yourself, another person would be preferable) and drill into it and the mounting tab on the Integra cluster. The mounting tabs on the side of the cluster will have to be ground off to make it fit into the dash. There is no way around it. Then all you have to do is plug it in and screw it down and make sure everything works!!


Above: As you can see there is something wrong with the picture. Yes the dash is blue and the hood is black. It will look funny at first but you'll get used to it as you realize not alot of people on the streets have a GSR cluster swapped into their CRX or Civic. Unless you live in swap heaven where everybody's got everything swapped into their car. Either way there is other black trim in the car mostly the center console.
Below: As you can see, I took my time in centering everything up and it looks awesome. I know you'll want to rush to get in and see how it works but looks count for alot. If you're not going to make it look like you did a good job don't do it. You'll only hurt your car!

Before GSR Cluster.....

After GSR Cluster!!!